Our April Wine of the month includes three exciting wines from the Setteanime Winery in Veneto, Italy.

Cabernet, Merlot & Raboso Sparkling

“We have said to ourselves many times that we have to put our soul in things to make the most of them. It is a gift of those who know the passion, ethics, & authenticity of doing well what they love. This is what SETTEANIME is all about: our belonging to the earth, our love for its fruits, & our traditions, intact and centuries long.

We learned the importance of slowing down & the loving patience in waiting for something as it grows. Walking along the unpredictable course of the Piave with its clear and sparkling waters, we have learned that great results follow from the attention to detail – from the love for the diversity of each plant & the special care they require.

Vine & Life are words that share the same root in Italian – ‘Vita’ &‘Vite’ – perhaps for their natural instinct to resist, their tenacity to hold on to a grip, & to make their way into life. We are Seven Souls, cheerfully sincere, open, & generous as our harvest is. Sweet, intense, robust, & delicate, we are always proud of our heritage.

In our story, through our eyes, you will find our roots – a vivid voice speaking of vineyards, wine, and life.”  – Setteanime, Veneto Italy